Globe-Trotter is a modern heritage brand established in 1897. Founded by David Nelken in Saxony Germany, the company moved to the UK in 1932 where it has remained ever since. Today, Globe-Trotter products are style icons adopted by purveyors of traditional craftsmanship and a timeless aesthetic.

Globe-Trotter cases have been used over the last 117 years by an enviable client list. Captain Robert Falcon Scott travelled with Globe-Trotter on the infamous Antarctic expedition in 1912. Sir Winston Churchill used a Globe-Trotter Dispatch Case whilst he was Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1924.

HM Queen Elizabeth II chose Globe-Trotter for her honeymoon luggage in 1947 (and continues to use her cases to this day). Sir Edmund Hilary ascended to first base camp with Globe-Trotter during his conquest of Everest in 1953.

The Queen's Globe-Trotter

The Elegance of Travel

The early 1900’s saw an explosion of travel onboard the grand cruise ships of the day. From nobility to senior military leaders, pioneers and explorers Globe-Trotter became the premier suitcase of the time.

Unencumbered by baggage restrictions, the cream of British Society demanded a wide range of travel accessories to facilitate the opulence of their journey. Vast steamer trunks were matched with bespoke hat boxes, shoe cases and wardrobe cases. This period epitomised the true elegance of travel.

Therefore it is no coincidence that during the “Golden Years” of the Ocean Liner (1900 – 1939), the Globe-Trotter emerged as the “World’s Most Famous Suitcase”.

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