Globe-Trotter maintains a high level of manufacturing in the construction of all Globe-Trotter cases. The factory has continued hand making these cases for over 100 years to the same high standards and by the same craftsmanship techniques for all that time and in fact some of the cases made 100 years ago are still in use today.

Airport handling can cause severe damage and no matter how robust a case is, this level of mistreatment will damage all cases. If a case is damaged in transit Globe-Trotter advises customers to claim against the airline. This is usually dealt with by the airline by replacement or repair, but must be reported at the time.

Scuffs and marks on any suit case are inevitable and certainly many Globe-Trotter customers appreciate the ‘well travelled’ look that the cases develop, along with the the myriad of stickers they collect over the years.

Globe-Trotter takes its customer service very seriously and will always endeavour to respond to customer enquires at the earliest opportunity.

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