When cleaning the exterior vulcanized fibreboard, you may use a soft rubber pencil eraser to remove any scuff marks. A soft cloth may also be used when moistened with a neutral detergent. Please take care to choose an appropriate cleaning fluid so as not to discolour the case exterior. Pre-testing on a small area is recommended before using any cleaning products on the entire surface of the suitcase. Do not apply or use any cleaning or coating products on the leather parts, as they may discolour or damage the leather.

Do not use thinner, benzene, spray or any kind of solvents or water-proof spray to clean or coat the suit case, as they may discolour or cause damage to the suit case.

Globe-Trotter suitcase covers are washable by hand only and are not suitable for machine washing and tumble drying.


This warranty is valid for a period of two years from the date of purchase and covers defects in materials or workmanship only. If you require a repair, or to claim on this warranty, please return the case to the store from which you made the purchase or send the case (including your contact details) to:

The Factory
Bingley Road
EN11 0NX

Please note that the following are not covered by this warranty: Fair wear and tear, scuffed paintwork or leather Damage caused by airlines, baggage handlers, TSA or similar Damage caused by abuse or misuse Damage caused or resulting from repairs or modifications carried out by someone other than a Globe-Trotter appointed repairer Damage to locks caused by forcing or incorrect keys Force Majeure (Act of God) – Fire, Earthquake, Flood etc Water damage (including storage in damp conditions) Where the Warranty card is incomplete or not returned.

Airline damage is the responsibility of the Airline Company. Any damage caused by them should be reported to airline staff immediately and the cost is usually covered by their insurance.

The Warranty is only valid within the specified period and is subject to the conditions specified. This does not affect your statutory consumer rights. The maximum liability of Globe-Trotter Suit Case Co. Ltd under this warranty is limited to the purchase price actually paid by the customer. Globe-Trotter Suit Case Co. Ltd will not accept any third party or contingent liability.

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Globe-Trotter maintains a high level of manufacturing in the construction of all Globe-Trotter cases. The factory has continued hand making these cases for over 100 years to the same high standards and by the same craftsmanship techniques for all that time and in fact some of the cases made 100 years ago are still in use today.

All Globe-Trotter suitcases are incredibly robust and can withstand a beating from the most aggressive of baggage handlers. Globe-Trotter vulcanised fibreboard itself is as strong as leather and the unique construction of the case adds strength to the product so that a Globe-Trotter suitcase should last a lifetime of travelling.

If you require a repair, please return the case directly to the store from which you made the purchase or send the case (including your contact details) to:

The Factory
Bingley Road
EN11 0NX


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