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The suitcases are beautiful, but are they actually strong enough for commercial air travel?

Globe-Trotter suitcases are among the strongest cases on the market. Although they will get scratched and marked, they are strong enough to stand up to all the hardships of modern day travel.

As the suitcases are made out of paper, are they durable?

Globe-Trotter cases are made ‘from’ paper but certainly not ‘out of’ paper. Fourteen layers of paper are heavily treated in a special heat and steam process to produce vulcanised fibreboard. The material is considered as strong as leather yet as light as aluminium.

Which sizes do you suggest for varying lengths of travel?

Every customer has different travelling preferences and requirements and so the following should only be used as a guideline and are by no means rigid. If travelling for around two weeks the 30” is recommended, for around 1 week the 26” and for anything less: 20” or 18”.

Why are there no compartments within the suitcases?

This allows customers to pack as they please with no restraints maximizing usage of space within the case.

What is the difference between the Original collection and the Centenary collection?

Both the Original and the Centenary cases are made from vulcanised fibreboard. The style of the Original collection dates back to 1897, and the aesthetic is nearly identical to the very first Globe-Trotter suitcases that were produced over a century ago. The suitcases are hand-crafted from vulcanised fibreboard, and, unlike the other collections, Original suitcases do not feature leather straps or corners – the corners are moulded from vulcanised fibreboard.

The Centenary collection was launched in 1997 to celebrate Globe-Trotter’s 100th anniversary. The style was inspired by classic Globe-Trotter trunks from 1907, featuring leather luggage straps. The most noticeable difference between the style of the Original series and the Centenary series is the introduction of two leather straps and moulded leather corners. The Centenary collection introduces new colours and is more contemporary than the Original range, although colours still remain classic.

Do Globe-Trotter cases have TSA locks?

TSA-accepted luggage locks allow baggage screeners and security agents to open your suitcase for inspection using a universal master key. Although our locks are currently not TSA-approved, Globe-Trotter is looking to develop a TSA-approved lock that is as aesthetically pleasing as the current locks on the cases, but this will take some time to develop. We encourage customers to leave the case unlocked when travelling to the USA, especially if the straps are fastened, to allow security to inspect the suitcase without causing damage.

Which is the most suitable sized case for a domestic carry on case?

The 18” Trolley Cases are guaranteed hand-luggage size for all airlines.

Which is the most suitable size for an international carry on case?

The 18” Trolley Case and the 20” Trolley Case would be suitable for the requirements. Please note that every airline has different requirements so please check the specifications of the particular airline you are flying with before travelling to ensure the case matches these.


How should I care for the surface of the case if it gets dirty?

When cleaning the exterior of vulcanised fibreboard, you may use a soft pencil eraser to remove any marks. A soft cloth may also be used when moistened with a diluted detergent. Please take care to choose an appropriate cleaning fluid so as not to discolour the case exterior.

Strong detergents or abrasive products are not recommended. Pre-testing on a small area is recommended before using any cleaning products on the entire surface of the suitcase.

Do not apply or use any cleaning or coating products on the leather components, as they may discolour or damage the leather. Do not use thinner, benzene or any kind of solvents or water-proof spray to clean or coat the suitcase, as they may discolour or cause damage to the suitcase. Spillage of liquids inside the case should be cleaned as soon as possible with a dry absorbent cloth. If not dried immediately, liquids can stain or discolour the suitcase lining, and in extreme cases cause a distortion of the actual case.

Where is the best place to store the suitcases?

As with all suitcases, Globe-Trotter cases are best stored in a cool, well-ventilated place. You should not store your Globe-Trotter where it could be exposed to direct sunlight, high temperatures or a damp environment. Please refrain from laying heavy objects upon the exterior. It is also best to avoid leaving heavy items inside the suitcase for extended periods of time.

How do I open and close the lock on the suitcase?

Please use the keyhole slide buttons when opening and closing the hasp on the suitcase. If the locks become stiff when opening or closing, apply a spray lubricant to ensure a smooth operation of the locks.

What should I do if I lose my key?

Please provide a photo of your suitcases lock to our Retail Team and we will be able to provide you with a new set of keys.


What Repair Service does Globe-Trotter offer?

As the suitcases are all hand-made we are able to repair nearly any damage or wear and tear. There are very few elements of the cases that cannot be repaired or replaced. In the unlikely event that we cannot carry out the desired repair, we would be able to provide suggestions for an alternative. If you require a repair, please contact our Retail Team.

Do the suitcases come with a warranty?

For those customers who have registered with the company after their purchase, we provide a warranty that is valid for a period of two years from the date of purchase and covers defects in materials or workmanship. If you require a repair, or wish to claim on this warranty, please return the case to the store from which you made the purchase or contact the Globe-Trotter Retail Team directly.

Please note that the warranty is only valid within the specified two-year period and is subject to the conditions specified. Beyond this two-year period and for any other damage to the suitcase there will be a fee for repair work carried out. As a guideline, we say that the repairs will take four weeks, but please be aware that this may vary depending on the nature of the repair and how busy the factory is at that particular time.

Bespoke Service

In terms of the bespoke service, what am I able to do?

Customers can choose from a wide range of board colours, leather colours, metal finishes, webbing straps and lining options to create their own special combination. Should the customer require a far higher level of customisation, such as a unique size, shape or with internal compartments etc. It is likely we can accommodate them, however, such orders are subject to the factory confirming the request is possible and prices will be issued from head office only.

Are you able to monogram the suitcases?

We offer a service that allows customers to have their initials (up to six characters) monogrammed onto the vulcanised fibreboard of their suitcase. The cost for this service is £125.


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