Established in 1897, Globe-Trotter is a luxury British heritage brand purveying handcrafted luggage and travel accompaniments.

Handmade in England

98 Processes
10 Days
9 Hours
35 Minutes
1 Globe-Trotter

Our Mission

A Companion to Discovery

Adventure is far less about where you go and much more about how you carry yourself. And of course, what case you carry.

At Globe-Trotter we believe the more open you are, the more the world opens up to you. And the more your character is shaped by the places you see, the people you meet and the opportunities you grasp. So, what might begin with a new suitcase, is really the beginning of the voyage of a lifetime.

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Our History

Our Very Own Corner of History

Established in 1897, our cases are synonymous with the Golden Age of travel. And to this day, the shape and style of many of our products remain unchanged.

Production still takes place by hand in England. We apply the same attention to detail, using some of the same production methods and machinery of the Victorian era. Possibly our most timeless and enduring innovation is Vulcanised Fibreboard. An unfathomable feat of strength that is yet to be imitated successfully and has kept our cases incredibly strong but impossibly lightweight for 125 years and counting.

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