Meet the Team: A Burlington Arcade Exclusive

27 May 24


Meet-the-Team-A-Burlington-Arcade-Exclusive - GLOBE-TROTTER

Step inside the historic Burlington Arcade and be greeted by our dedicated and passionate team at the Globe-Trotter London flagship store. Take a glimpse into the lives and personalities of the individuals who bring Globe-Trotter to life every day. From their favourite Globe-Trotter products to the unique stories that inspire them, get to know the remarkable team members who make our store a must visit destination for travellers and those who enjoy a little luxury in their lives.

Michael: The British Countryside Aficionado

My name is Michael and I am the Retail Manager. I have been with Globe-Trotter for six years, and I bring my love for the British countryside and photography to my role.


Favourite product: The Green Brown Carry-On is my go-to companion for all my trips. The colour combination is timeless, subtle, and quintessentially British, perfect for the Cotswolds where I spend a lot of time. As it says on my Instagram bio, I fancy myself an amateur photographer and this case suits the landscape I love to capture.

I had the pleasure of making my own case, so being a novice craftsman it's full of imperfections but it does make it unique to me. Whenever I travel with it, people ask me about my case and I do love pointing out the wonky riveting or crooked embossed logo.

Personal anecdote: As a boy growing up in South Africa, I always had a passion for adventure and flying. My father used to take me to a small airport outside of town to watch the airplanes taking off and landing. One day Nelson Mandela stepped off his private plane and was walking through the airport lounge where he took the opportunity to speak with us. The two most vivid details from the memory was how he was one of the nicest people I had ever met and how tall he was.

Advice to new customers: Don’t be afraid to branch out and buy a fun colour. Our classic Black and Navy options are great, but a pop of colour can bring life to your travels.

Lilly: The Connoisseur of Hand-Crafted Luxury

My name is Lilly, and I’ve been part of the Retail Team for nearly six years. I was drawn to Globe-Trotter because of its pride and celebration of British hand-crafted luxury. I started as a Sales Consultant and now focus on client relations.


Favourite product: This is a hard choice as my 2-wheel Carry-On comes with me on all journeys near and far, however, I personally love the London Square! As one of Globe-Trotter's first handbags I find this piece to be unique and stand out from others on the market plus it is a great size for carrying all the essentials. I also appreciate the homage to the many garden squares around London.

I’m excited about the official release of the Mayfair Case, it is our refreshed handbag style, featuring the unmistakable Globe-Trotter suitcase look on a micro scale. The London Square and Mayfair Case really stand out to me. They’re unique, full of character, and offer a modern twist on a classic design, which matches my personality well!

When our Product and Design Team are working on a new piece, we are able to 'road test' the items to provide reactions and feedback on real world experiences. I was able to road test the new Mayfair Case and have fallen in-love, it’s sure to be the next piece in my collection. I'm sure clients will appreciate this new style as well!

Personal anecdote: I am originally from the US, but have been based in London now for nearly 7 years. In 2017 I chose to move to London to pursue my Masters's Degree and because of its ideal position to travel to Europe and globally. I love travelling to new destinations, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people as often as possible!

Advice to new customers: Truly use your Globe-Trotter. The case won't necessarily stay in pristine condition forever; embrace the scratches, scuff marks and travel-scars. These are what make a Globe-Trotter special, remembering all the journeys the suitcase (or handbag!) have been on.

Abhi: The Travel Enthusiast

My name is Abhi and I work as a Sales Consultant. The Globe-Trotter product itself and the company’s rich history drew me in. The design intricacies and attention to detail on the cases from an aesthetic and durability perspective. Your case becomes a personal companion on your travels, with a travelling history of its own, which is truly unique to Globe-Trotter. I also have a passion for travel and respect for what it can offer people, especially coming from an immigrant background. Globe-Trotter’s vision and culture of travel resonate with me deeply.


Favourite product: My favourite Globe-Trotter product in our core range is undoubtedly the Large Suitcase in 2-Wheels, with our Magic Handle as the accessory. It is the most traditional and durable Check-In case we offer, with 8 leather/Vulcanised Fibreboard corners and a classic base and lid operation. This makes it the closest piece we have to the original Globe-Trotter cases of yesteryear. The only difference is that it has wheels, unlike the old cases which originally did not (wheels are a must in the modern day). I appreciate its clean and timeless aesthetic, which makes the case look beautiful. This also reflects my personal style, which is classic and old-fashioned.

Personal anecdote: My Large 2-Wheel Suitcase (Elephant Family collection) has travelled all around the world – to Portugal, France, India, Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua, Scotland, and Spain. It’s a tried and tested companion, and I've had no issues, only a stream of compliments from other travellers and airport staff.

The case does not look as shiny as it did when I first got it, however, the case looks far better now that it is travelled - the scratches and scuff marks are a sign of richness of travel so don't be afraid your Globe-Trotter can't hack travel; it's designed to travel!

Outside of my love for travel outside, I have a passion for boxing and writing. Boxing is more a recreational habit, but my writing is something I take quite seriously. I have my debut fiction novel coming out in late 2024 and it is available for pre-order now on my website - it is called The Tech-Night 1.0 by AAJ.

Advice to new customers: Think about how you travel and what your needs are when choosing between 4-Wheel and 2-Wheel cases. The 2-Wheel option allows you to pack everything on one side and offers more customisation, with 8 leather/Vulcanised Fibreboard corners. On the other hand, the 4-Wheel design enables seamless rolling in airports but has fewer leather/Vulcanised Fibreboard elements due to the wheel-housing. I prefer the 2-Wheel design for its convenience and classic style. A Globe-Trotter is a case that ought to be personal to you and will be your companion on your travels - ensure it is catered to you; you will be the one using it.

Phoebe: The Fashion-Forward Explorer

My name is Phoebe and I work as a Sales Consultant. I had recently been researching Luggage for a University project and was charmed when I came across the brand's elegant designs. Lucky for me they had a job opening at the store which I applied to instantly. I’ve been with Globe-Trotter for seven months, and it’s been a fantastic learning experience so far.

Favourite product: Currently, my favourite product is a Custom 4-Wheel Carry-On that we have on display. The blue leather, which is my absolute favourite colour, paired with brown Vulcanised Fibreboard, makes it a very unique piece. I regularly wear blue pieces or incorporate blue into my outfits, to add some excitement to my look. So, I think this case reflects my style perfectly.

Personal anecdote: Whilst testing out sizes, I was able to borrow a brown 4-Wheel Safari Carry-On to my home in Suffolk for the weekend. It was so exciting getting to use a Globe-Trotter for the first time and I got so many compliments from friends and family.

Advice to new customers: Don’t be scared to choose a unique colourway and be prepared to receive a lot of compliments when out and about with your case!

Visit us at our London flagship store in the Burlington Arcade at House 60-61, to experience the exceptional service and timeless craftsmanship that define Globe-Trotter.

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