Which Globe-Trotter Is Right For You?

14 Sep 21


Which Globe-Trotter Is Right For You? - GLOBE-TROTTER

The birth of Globe-Trotter in 1897 coincided with Britain’s golden age of travel, with the advent of steam trains and ferries taking people further afield than they could ever have imagined.

Travelling light wasn’t an option in Victorian times, so early Globe-Trotter suitcases were hefty steamer vintage trunks designed as portable wardrobes. Today, Globe-Trotter suitcases come in multiple sizes to accommodate the needs and tastes of the modern discerning traveller. From a compact yet roomy 20" Carry-On to the ultra-spacious XL extra-deep suitcase, there’s something for everyone. But, which size is right for you?

"Whether it is the only Globe-Trotter a client owns or part of a collection, it is our flagship size"

"When customers are shopping for a case, they often ask what size is best for their needs", says Michael Rodie, Global Flagship Manager at Globe-Trotter. "The answer really depends on their travels. For short trips for work or a weekend getaway, our Carry-On luggage is ideal. For week-long staycations, the Medium Check-In is great for the boot of a car, and when travelling for several weeks further afield, the Large Check-In will fit your holiday wardrobe and still have plenty of room for souvenirs."

While Globe-Trotter suitcases are available in a variety of adventure-friendly sizes, the 20” Carry-On remains a bestseller. "Whether it is the only Globe-Trotter a client owns or part of a collection, it is our flagship size", says Rodie.

Globe-Trotter suitcases are renowned for their robust and virtually indestructible nature. Vulcanised Fibreboard is a unique material that is both durable and incredibly lightweight, which is another reason our suitcases appeal to keen travellers. A new four-wheel system was introduced to our core and seasonal ranges this year, which has improved the mobility of our cases and gives them a modern edge. Globe-Trotters, after all, are indisputable style icons; instantly recognisable yet eye-catching, wherever you are in the world. And for customers who rarely like to purchase off-the-shelf, every Globe-Trotter can be personalised to create a case that truly reflects your character.

"When it comes to customisation, you have some classic options of having your initials or even your name painted on the case, which is by far our most popular service, with nearly half of all our clients opting for it", says Rodie. "If you wanted to take personalisation to the next level, you can take advantage of our custom luggage service, customising everything from the colour of the board, leather trim and internal linings. The possibilities are endless!"

So, which Globe-Trotter is right for you?

Carry-On • 20”
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Overview: Our bestselling suitcase is ideal for long weekends away as it fits neatly in cars, trains and as carry-on luggage on every major airline. This is a great entry-level suitcase if you’re looking for something portable and everyday, or to complement a larger size Globe-Trotter as a petite alternative. The two-wheel design and extendable handle make it useful for travelling through airports and cities. Available with 2 and 4 Wheels.

Medium Check-In • 26”
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Overview: The next size up is the popular 26” Medium Check-In, which for many travel lovers is just the right size. Small enough to take as carry-on luggage on most major airlines, yet roomy enough to fit several changes of clothes for mini breaks, it’s many a globetrotter’s go-to suitcase. The surprisingly roomy interior also includes internal straps to hold your precious cargo in place. Available with 2 and 4 Wheels.

Large Check-In • 30”
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Overview: Our larger model is ideal for family vacations or when travelling long-haul. The smart new 4-wheel system provides optimum mobility, while the spacious interiors with internal straps will hold everything in place. Available with 2 and 4 Wheels.

XL Check-In • 33”
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Overview: Our largest suitcase comes with extra-deep internal storage for far-flung adventures. It’s ideal for those who don’t like to travel light, or if you’re travelling somewhere long-haul that will require several outfit changes, with enough room to bring back souvenirs. This suitcase is a true investment and one to pass down to future generations. Available with 2 wheels.

Would you like to know more? Visit the Globe-Trotter London Flagship at 60-61 Burlington Arcade, 51 Piccadilly, London, W1J 0QJ or speak to a dedicated member of our retail team on live chat, email and by telephone.

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