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Adventure is far less about where you go and much more about how you carry yourself. And of course, what case you carry.

Whatever corner of the globe, whatever the terrain, whatever the itinerary – if you know where to look you’ll always find a Globe-Trotter.



Marking 100 years of Globe-Trotter, the Centenary collection celebrates one of the most recognisable suitcases in the world.
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Designed for a minimalist, fuss-free aesthetic, the Original collection pays homage to our very first suitcases, created way back in 1897.
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Paying homage to the 1920s era of exploration, the Safari collection features the best of a classic Globe-Trotter.
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Inspired by the alluring appeal of a life at sea, the Cruise collection is built for a life of adventure, at sea or otherwise.
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As its name suggests, Caviar is a collection for those of the most discerning tastes.
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By their very nature, Globe-Trotters don’t blend in, and the Orient collection is one of our most unique collections to date.
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The Amethyst collection is for globetrotters who like to make an entrance.
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James Bond

Whether you are travelling to Italy, Norway, Jamaica or any other far-flung destinations around the world, make sure you have your Globe-Trotter by your side.
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Golf le FLEUR*

Globe-Trotter and GOLF le FLEUR* share the belief that travel is equally about where you go, how you carry yourself, and what you carry.
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Incorporating Disney’s beloved Mickey Mouse into the design, Globe-Trotter has created their most magical collection to date.
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Warm & Wonderful

Introducing the exclusive Warm & Wonderful capsule – a pattern famously worn by Diana, the Princess of Wales.
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British Airways

A collaboration created to mark the retirement of British Airways icon of the air, the 747.
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Elephant Family

Supporting international NGO Elephant Family’s mission to protect Asia’s wildlife.
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Paul Smith

Unmistakably Globe-Trotter, Paul Smith adds his iconic Signature Stripe as the colourful finishing touch to this collection.
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Bella Freud

Designed for the home, each Storage Box has been lovingly created in collaboration with Bella Freud to store precious items and memories.
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