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Cleaning your Globe-Trotter case

When cleaning the exterior of vulcanised fibreboard, you may use a soft pencil eraser to remove any marks. A soft cloth may also be used when moistened with a neutral detergent. Please take care to choose an appropriate cleaning fluid so as not to discolour the case exterior. Strong detergents or abrasive products are not recommended. Pre-testing on a small area is recommended before using any cleaning products on the entire surface of the suitcase.

Do not apply or use any cleaning or coating products on the leather parts, as they may discolour or damage the leather. Do not use thinner, benzene or any kind of solvents or water-proof spray to clean or coat the suitcase, as they may discolour or cause damage to the suitcase. Spillage of liquids inside the case should be cleaned as soon as possible with a dry absorbent cloth. If not dried immediately, liquids can stain or discolour the suitcase lining, and in extreme cases cause a distortion of the actual case.

Storing your Globe-Trotter case

As with all suitcases, Globe-Trotter cases are best stored in a cool, well-ventilated place. You should not store your Globe-Trotter where it could be exposed to direct sunlight, high temperatures or damp. Doing so may affect the shape and/or the paint finish. Please ensure that the case is not crammed into a space where deformation may occur and keep away from any objects made of plastic or vinyl that could deform at high temperatures. Doing so may cause damage to your suitcase as such objects could break down when exposed to heat and adhere to your suitcase.

In order to best maintain the condition of your suitcase, please refrain from laying heavy objects upon the exterior. It is also best to avoid leaving heavy items inside the suitcase for extended periods of time. Doing so may affect the shape or cause damage to the suitcase.

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Initialling Service

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